Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) announces the 2020/2021 Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG)

The role of the “Mekong Tourism Advisory Group” includes the verification of nominations to be included in the “Experience Mekong Collection“, as well as the selection of the “Annual Experience Mekong Showcase”, featuring 5 innovative responsible experiences per GMS member country. MeTAG members also advise on programming for events, such as the annual Mekong Tourism Forum.

If you would like to join the “Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG)“, first please apply to become a member of our Mekong Tourism Contributor Program, to be considered, and please send a message – with the subject line “MeTAG” – why you would like to be an active member of MeTAG, and what you bring to the table as it relates to GMS travel and tourism expertise.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to have an impact on further positioning the region in a positive way and building a series of experiences that can highlight the region and ensure that tourism is able to play its cultural, economic and social development role. There can be no doubt that this exercise will help to meet the needs of the growing influence of the experiential visitor.

The role of MeTAG Members include:

  1. Verify and endorse Experience Mekong Collection nominations and promote nominations to EMC.
  2. Select innovative experiences for specific practices from the Experience Mekong Collection for the Experience Mekong Showcase.
  3. Assist in the programming of Mekong Tourism events, including the annual Mekong Tourism Forum
  4. Support Mekong Tourism initiatives via personal networks, relationships, expertise, and resources
  5. Remain an active Mekong Tourism Contributor

Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Nhung

Deputy Director General - Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

Ms. Pattanasiri Ewtoksan

Director - Department of Tourism, Thailand

Mr. Sounh Mannivong

Director General - Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Lao PDR

Mr. Rathasak Thong

Director General - Ministry of Tourism Cambodia

Mr. Hla Myint

Director - Ministry of Hotels and Tourism Myanmar

Mr. Dennis Yang

Director - Ministry of Culture and Tourism, PR China

Ms. Wimintra Raj

CEO - Hotel Intel

Ms. Supawan Teerarat

Sr. Vice President – TCEB

Ms. Renay Farrell

International Coordinator - Friends International / Child Safe

Ms. Natasha Martin

Managing Director Asia - Bannikin Travel

Ms. May Win

General Manager - Chatrium Hotel Yangon / Chair - Myanmar Tourism Marketing

Ms. Marissa Carruthers

Journalist - TTG Asia Media

Ms. Kyi Kyi Aye

Advisor - Myanmar Tourism Federation

Ms. Janina Bikowa

Ecotourism Advisor Laos - Wildlife Conservation Society

Ms. Duangmala Phommavong

Managing Director - EXO Travel Laos

Mr. Yereth Jansen

CEO - Go Kunming

Mr. Xu Jing

Former Director, Regional Department for Asia & the Pacific - World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Mr. Wouter Schalken

Tourism Specialist - World Bank

Mr. Willem Niemejer

Chairman - Yaana Ventures / Khiri Travel

Mr. Thourn Sinan

Chair - PATA Cambodia Chapter / CEO - B2B Travel

Mr. Theodore Koumelis

Founder & Managing Editor, TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific

Mr. Teerawut Chanyasak

CEO - The Chiang Mai Hotels

Mr. Sumate Sudasna

President - Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA)

Mr. Roi Ariel

General Manager - Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Mr. Richard Rose

Country Director Laos - Swisscontact

Mr. Ric Gazarian

Chapter Leader - Travel Massive Bangkok / CEO - Global Gaz

Mr. Peter Richards

Consultant - International Trade Centre

Mr. Nikhom Jensiriratanakorn

Director Thailand - Horwath HTL

Mr. Nick Ray

Journalist - Hanuman Travel / Lonely Planet

Mr. Mauro Gasparotti

Director - Savills Hotels SEA

Mr. Martin Venzky-Stalling

Director - Chiva Care

Mr. Luzi Matzig

Chairman - Asian Trails

Mr. Luu Meng

CEO - Almond Group Cambodia

Mr. Luc Citrinot

Editor - ASEAN.Travel News

Mr. Kai Marcus Schroeter

CEO - Hospitality Tourism Management

Mr. John Roberts

Director Sustainability - Minor International

Mr. Joe Cummings

Editor at Large - Talisman Media

Mr. Jens Thraenhart

Executive Director - Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office

Mr. Jason Lusk

Consultant - Asia Development Bank

Mr. Inthy Deuansavan

CEO - Green Discovery

Mr. Harry Hwang

Deputy Director, Regional Department for Asia & the Pacific - World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Mr. Hamish Keith

CEO - EXO Travel

Mr. Hailin Zhang

Professor - Guiling Tourism University

Mr. Guido Neil

COO - 12GO Asia

Mr. Gerrit Kruger

Managing Director - Chameleon Strategies

Mr. Don Ross

Editor - TTR Weekly Media

Mr. Dominic Mellor

Southeast Asia Department - Asia Development Bank

Mr. David Robinson

Director - Bangkok River Partners

Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya

Deputy Governor for International Marketing (Asia and South Pacific) - Tourism Authority of Thailand

Mr. Brian Linden

Owner - The Linden Centre

Mr. Bertie Lawson

CEO - Sampan Travel Myanmar

Mr. Andreas Hofmann

Tourism Project Manager - GIZ

Mr. Alfredo Perdiguero


Mr. Achim Munz

Myanmar Residence Chief - Hans Seidel Foundation

Dr. Zhu Jinsheng

Deputy Director, School of Education and Exchange - Guilin Tourism University

Dr. Watcharas Leelawath

Executive Director - Mekong Institute

Dr. Walanchalee Wattanacharoensil

Professor - Mahidol University

Dr. Scott Smith

Proessor - Assumption University

Dr. Nicole Häusler

Consultant - International Trade Center

Dr. Mike Haynes

Consultant - Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development

Dr. Lu Mon

CEO - Mira Travels Myanmar

Dr. Jutamas (Jan) Wisansing

CEO - Perfectlink Consulting

Dr. Ian Fenwick

Director, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Bangkok & Phuket

Dr. Htay Aung

Former Minister - Ministry of Hotels and Tourism Myanmar

Dr. Duong Bich Hanh

Chief of Culture Unit - UNESCO Bangkok

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