Yunnan Vice-Governor Victim of Dodgy Tourism Practices

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chun-shenBefore Spring Festival, Chen Shun (pictured), vice-governor of China’s Yunnan province, launched a personal, off-the-record inspection of the province’s tourism industry. He was reportedly shocked by what he found.

The Chinese-language website commented:

Home to abundant tourism resources, Yunnan province, as Chen discovered during his private tour, has some undesirable practices in its tourism industry. According to Chen, the group of tourists he was among were lured into a local souvenir shop and forced to buy what was on display. They were even not allowed to leave until they had purchased enough.

Chen is not the first senior official to embark on such a “secret” inspection. Two years ago the China National Tourism Administration sent nine inspection teams to a number of regions, Yunnan included, and urged them to keep such forced shopping at bay. But unlike his colleagues who had previously inspected the local tourist attractions, Chen was not identified during his tour because he only took office in November.

Full story at China Daily. Also: HKFP.

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