Yoga could become the new hot trend for Cambodia Tourism

Proudly contributed by Luc Citrinot

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Yoga is in. And after Bali, India and Northern Thailand, Cambodia is now looking to attract more visitors to the Kingdom thanks to the special promotion of this meditation exercise. The government has plans to promote yoga classes at Cambodia’s main tourism hotspots. Cambodia Minister of Tourism Thong Khon announced a plan to establish a yoga federation in Cambodia with the main target of turning Siem Reap into a yoga destination.

“After the federation is created, we might hire some Indian yoga trainers to train locals so they can recruit other locals who do not know yoga, but want to practice it,” explained the Minister to Cambodian media.

Demand for yoga instruction is on the rise according to Stephen Faiers, manager and owner of Angkor Bodhi Tree Retreat and Yoga Centre in an interview to the Phnom Penh Post. “We’ve been hearing of a lot more hotels and resorts that are around looking for yoga teachers to be able to provide yoga to all their guests,” Faiers indicated to the newspaper.

One example is Escape to Shape, a ‘travelling fitness spa’ that combines a week-long body workout with cultural experiences in interesting countries all over the world.

Stay in private villas with plush suites just minutes from the town of Siam Reap, home to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. With rice paddies and palm trees surrounding you, you’ll feel completely cut off from the modern world, and be able to indulge in daily yoga, hiking and excursions, as well as enjoying a private tour of the temples.

The retreat costs $3500 (around £2300) per person for a shared room or $4800 (around £3150) for a person staying alone. The price includes seven nights accommodation, three meals daily, daily yoga, hiking, one massage, and excursions to the temples, the night market and a cooking class, as well as airport transfers.


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  • Wow. I couldn’t imagine anything more peaceful than a yoga session at someplace like Bang Mealea. I was just in Cambodia, and both resorts I stayed at were offering opportunities for yoga on their property…