Volunteers Sought for Myanmar Responsible Tourism

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The Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI) is seeking volunteers.

MRTI describes itself as a local non-profit organisation aiming to support responsible tourism development in Myanmar through knowledge sharing, training, and research.

“We envision Myanmar as a quality responsible tourism destination, which empowers local communities, strives for livelihood creation and respects environmental sustainability. We see the need to raise awareness about responsible travel, community involvement in tourism, livelihood generation, and environmental sustainability.”

As an international volunteer at the MRTI you will support the team in their daily activities. Your tasks will depend on the project(s) you are working for, including literature reviews, online or field research, preparing presentations, surveys and interviews, assisting with report writing, and joining meetings and workshops.

The various tasks will “give you the possibility to improve your skills and learn specific knowledge in the sustainable tourism sector”.

What MRTI offers is:

  • The opportunity to improve your and our skills
  • An insight into the development of responsible tourism in Myanmar
  • US$150 allowance per month
  • Project-related travel expenses (office is based in Yangon)

What MRTI expects is:

  • Experience in the tourism industry or sustainable development projects
  • Masters or post-graduate, preferably in tourism
  • Self-discipline
  • Communication and organisational skills
  • High level of flexibility
  • Commitment of four to six months

To apply as a volunteer:

  • Send your CV to info@myanmarresponsibletourism.org
  • Tell MRTI why you would like to work with them
  • Tell MRTI when you would like to work with them

Check out MRTI’s website for more information.

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