Vietnam’s agro-tourism move forward

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Agro-tourism is posed to take off in Vietnam, particularly around Da Lat in the central highlands were green and farm visits are expanding.

Tourism officials have identified the benefits of agricultural activities saying they will build a foundation for sustainable  tourism growth that will benefit communities

Despite urban and industrial development, 70% of the population are still living in rural areas and depend on agriculture. 

Leading the push to sustainable tourism, the central highlands resort town of Da Lat is promoting  a wide range of agro-tourism content including free tours to pick strawberries at Phan Tuan Linh’s garden, exploring the giant pumpkins at Le Huu Phan’s farm, or admiring the brightly-coloured flowers at Da Lat Hasfarm and coffee plantations in neighbouring central highland provinces.

According to a report by the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department, there is growing  demand for day-trips from the city to visit farms and orchards representing an annual increase of 20% to 30%.

Ho Chi Minh City Hi-tech Agricultural Park in Cu Chi district welcomed 15,000 visitors in 2017, an increase of more than 200% compared to 2017 when the park opened.

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