UNWTO praises advances in Vietnam’s tourism

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Photo: Hanoi Times

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) included Vietnam among the 10 countries with the greatest tourism industry growth and recognized its potential over coming years, local media outlets reported this Sunday.

Most tourist destinations in Southeast Asia maintain a high growth rate, especially Vietnam, which attracted a large number of foreign travelers in recent years, the institution stressed.

In 2017, Vietnam received a record figure of 13 million international vacationers; in 2018 it beat that record by hosting some 15.6 million, and this year it wishes to approach 18 million.

At the end of August, the country had already welcomed 11.3 million, but it will have to work hard to reach the annual goal. The country has a solid tourist industry in terms of accomodation facilities, with over half a million rooms, mostly allocated in 116 Five Star, 259 Four Star and 488 Three Star hotels.

By 2025, Vietnamese tourism expects to reach 32 million foreign and 130 million domestic vacationers, which would yield income of 45 billion dollars, about a tenth of Gross Domestic Product.

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