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After a long and tough year for many, it’s nice to mark the end of it by looking ahead. Now is the time to bid farewell and embrace a fresh start by thinking of new things to explore and motivate you in the year to come.

Thinking of lifestyle changes is a smart place to start. Next year, lifestyle trends will likely shift away from luxury dining experiences and upscale shopping trips towards something simpler. Minimalism is fast gaining appeal in Thailand — a trend observable in any number of cafes, restaurants and lifestyle complexes around the country.

Let’s start with what’s happening with shopping complexes. “The bigger, the better,” the thinking about shopping malls used to go in Thailand. While the fixation on world-famous restaurants and fashion brands, alongside cinema chains, continues to grow in provinces outside of Bangkok, the capital’s hipsters are on the lookout for something different.

In comes the community mall — themed, chic and unique, these are the favourite new hangouts for young people in Bangkok. When you don’t feel like dressing up to go to Siam Paragon, the community mall offers a more laid-back option for casual hanging and browsing.

The newest one on the block is Chang Chui in Thon Buri. The mall’s opening event created chaos when the area was swarmed by the vehicles of eager visitors. The industrial-themed mall features shops, cafes, restaurants and a cinema, which bespeak a special hipster appeal. Its appeal is especially evident through its wealth of photo opportunities.

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