Tourism’s Rising Importance to Vietnam; First e-Visa Arrival

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tetWith rice exports set to experience another difficult year in 2017, tourism may be critical to lifting Vietnam’s economy according to VietNamNet Bridge.

For Vietnam to continue with a 6.7% GDP growth rate this year, being export-driven and FDI-oriented isn’t enough. Among all the sectors that Vietnam excels in, tourism will be the one to focus on.

According to the World Tourism & Travel Council, tourism revenue directly contributed 6.6% of Vietnam’s gross domestic product in 2015. If you take into account the fact that tourism drives other areas like spa & wellness services, dining and retail, then the sector contributes around 13.9% of GDP.

By 2020 Vietnam is expected to receive up to 20 million foreign visitors and earn $35 billion in tourism revenue, directly contributing 10% to Vietnam’s GDP.

richard-wilsonTourism authorities are eyeing a 15% increase in international arrivals this year, helped along by the much-touted online e-visa system for travellers on short holidays or casual business visits.

Full story at VietNamNet Bridge.

On Saturday, officials from the Immigration Department, Tourism Department and other agencies in Ho Chi Minh City held a ceremony at Tan Son Nhat International Airport to welcome the first visitor to Vietnam to arrive with an e-visa. British national Richard Wilson said he was surprised by the warm welcome and attention he received upon arrival.

Full story at Saigon GP.

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