Thailand Travel Shield: TAT offers travel insurance for foreign tourists

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A new travel insurance scheme aimed at FIT tourists (Free Independent Travelers) has been announced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

TNAMCOT said the “Thailand Travel Shield” scheme would be a boon to adventurous travellers.

“Tourism Authority of Thailand has cooperated with top non-life insurers; Muang Thai Insurance, Krungthai Panich Insurance and Southeast Insurance gladly to offer “special travel insurance exclusively for foreign tourists”, the Thailand Travel Shield website reads.

Premiums range from 400 to 1,000 baht and cover tourists for up to 60 days. The insurance must be purchased online before the tourist travels to Thailand.

There is a five million baht in cover in the event of death, credit card cover, the late arrival of bag cover and third party cover.

Last week, the TAT was praising the scheme as they signed an agreement with three insurance companies – Muang Thai, Krung Thai and South East Insurance (known as ‘Aknay’ Prakan Phai in Thai).

Chief of the TAT Yuthasak Suphasorn intimated that the new scheme would warm the hearts of foreign tourists.

According to its website, which is available in English and Chinese, the Thailand Travel Shield is not available to foreigners who live permanently in Thailand.

The news comes after Thai officials last month revealed that uninsured foreigners in Thailand failed to pay a combined total of THB 300 million in medical bills after receiving treatment in state hospitals.

The problem, which officials say mostly affects “tourist cities” promoted the Health Service Support Department to announce the launch of new claim centres which would help officials track down foreigners who had not paid medical bills.

A public-health official who spoke to The Nation on the condition of anonymity said foreigners often run out of cash during long stays in Thailand. “And when they need medical services, they simply don’t pay.”

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