Thai Tourism and Chiang Rai Promote Hot Springs as Healthy Tourism

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Under the Lanna Spa City Program, hot springs which would be promoted include Thaweesin, Pong Pu Fuang, Pha Sert, Pong Phra Bat in Muang district and Pa Tueng in Mae Chan district.

Authorities in Chiang Rai have decided to promote over 10 hot springs in the province in an attempt to attract local travelers. This comes after a 70 –per cent drop in tourist number due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Tourism of Thailand office in Chiang Rai and tourism officials have surveyed more than 10 hot springs in the province. They have been fully developed and are suitable to every type of tourists. Especially health-conscious tourists.

After the survey, tour agencies, hoteliers, restaurateurs and souvenir shops will arrange tour programs for Chiang Rai tourists. Furthermore the high temperature of hot springs makes it safe from the virus and the natural site is not so crowded.

There are many hot springs in the mountains of Chiang Rai Province. Among them, the Phra Soet Hot Springs are only twenty kilometers from the city. Phra Soet Hot Springs have the advantage of offering a mineral swimming.

If you prefer more privacy, there are also hard bungalows with private pools.

As often in hot springs in Thailand, you can buy small bamboo baskets containing eggs. You boil them in pools where the water is over 73 °C. It takes 15 minutes for an hard egg. Note that there is also a small restaurant.

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