Dear Traveler, Partner, Resident, and Friend of the Mekong Region:


Experience Mekong Collection members provide these locally authentic experiences to travelers and residents alike, which make the Mekong Region so exciting and interesting. Connecting with local culture and its people is the foundation of the Experience Mekong brand. 

Now these experiences are in danger of not surviving these difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are struggling to pay their employees, and cover their expenses. 

We all have a duty and a responsibility to now help these operators, for the better of sustainable and responsible tourism of the region for the short-term and the long-term. At Mekong Tourism, we believe that the Experience Mekong Collection protects and promotes inclusive tourism, and as such has been recognized as a global best practice of tourism promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

In order to help our Experience Mekong Collection members in these challenging, we are listing any businesses that are asking for donations. We are asking everybody to support these small responsible travel businesses, which we recognize as our shining lights of the Mekong Region. Let’s all come together to make sure that these lights will continue to shine for many years to come.


Thank you!

Jens Thraenhart

Executive Director, Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
Chair, Destination Mekong

Please see the list of EMC Members who are in need of support

Phare Ponleu Selpak

Phare Ponleu Selpak is a non-profit Cambodian association improving the lives of children, young adults, and their families with art schools, educational programs, and social support since 1994. They seek to provide education, access to the arts, vocational training, and professional pathways to the children and young adults of the community.

Learn more about Phare Ponleu Selpak hereSupport Phare Ponleu Selpak here


Cambodian Living Arts (CLA)

CLA implements a series of programs with the intention of creating a self-sustaining environment where individuals and communities can be empowered through the arts. Founded in 1998 by musician and genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond, CLA’s Community Arts program offers Cambodians the opportunity to learn the country’s traditional arts, while it is Capacity Building program assists motivated students in receiving training to improve their skills as arts professionals.

Learn more about Cambodia Living Arts hereSupport Cambodia Living Arts here

EGBOK (Spoons Cafe)

EGBOK provided supplemental classes, housing, job and financial support to young disadvantaged Cambodians studying at other hospitality schools in Siem Reap. Spoons café is the main sources of funding for EGBOK serving as a training facility and multipurpose space for EGBOK students to gain hands-on experience while providing guests with authentic Cambodian cuisine and hospitality.

Learn more about EGBOK hereSupport EGBOK here


Elephant Valley Project

Elephant Valley Project has worked hard to develop the best sanctuary for captive elephants in Cambodia and support local people to be able to access stable jobs with opportunities to grow. The purpose of the project is to improve the health and welfare of the captive elephants in Mondulkiri Province and work to conserve the wild elephants’ natural habitat while supporting the local community to protect their forest and nature. 

Learn more about Elephant Valley Project hereSupport Elephant Valley Project here


Le Tonlé

Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center is a not-for-profit training guest house providing vocational training to disadvantaged youth from Cambodia’s north-eastern provinces of Kratie, Stung Treng, Ratanakiri, and Mondulkiri. The guest house and restaurant in Kratie provide essential training and a unique opportunity for travellers to support skills development in Cambodia.

Learn more about Le Tonlé hereSupport Le Tonlé here


Friend International

Friends-International was born on the streets of Phnom Penh in August 1994. Friends is a social enterprise saving lives and building futures of marginalized children, youth, their families and communities across Southeast Asia. One of their programs provides vocational training in cooking and hospitality through seven restaurants in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, as well as matching marginalized youths with opportunities in the tourism sector. 

Learn more about Friend International hereSupport Friend International here


Cardamom Tented Camp

The Cardamom Tented Camp is therefore a pioneering and responsible Eco-Tourism provider, committed to supporting the conservational efforts of Wildlife Alliance in cooperation with the local community, with a mandate to sustain and prosper the rich prevailing biodiversity of the area. 

Learn more about Cardamom Tented Camp hereSupport Cardamom Tented Camp here


Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

The Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel mission is to be the leading independent boutique hotel in Siem Reap creating rewarding and memorable cultural experiences for our valued guests. The hotel dedicated to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact in Siem Reap and Cambodia. 

Learn more about Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel hereSupport Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel here


Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village

Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village (GFTV) is a social enterprise focused on creating a fair trade environment that benefits artisans and craftspeople with disabilities, in the Siem Reap area. The primary goals of Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village are quite simple. First, that the artisan members and employees rise from isolation and poverty to living as productive members of the community making a living wage and helping to support their families. Second is the enterprise becomes self-sustaining as soon as possible, completely orchestrated by our artisans and staff.

Learn more about Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village hereSupport Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village here

Wildlife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Our mission is to combat deforestation, extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments. Wildlife Alliance cares for and rehabilitates animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Center and meet animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

Learn more about Wildlife Alliance hereSupport Wildlife Alliance here



HAVEN is a non-religious social enterprise and a training restaurant for vulnerable young adults from orphanages by teaching young people quality work skills as well as important life skills. we support them in their transition from institution to real-world as well as giving them a chance to step out of the poverty cycle.

Learn more about Haven hereSupport Haven here


Jaan Bai

Jaan Bai is a social enterprise restaurant initiative of Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) and the Feel Good Coffee Group. It provides skills development and employment for Cambodian youth as well as reduce the environmental impacts by using stainless straws and eco-bags. They share profits of the restaurant to Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) child protection and community development work.

Learn more about Jaan Bai hereSupport Jaan Bai here


Sala Bai

Sala Bai supports young Cambodians in their training and contributes a small amount to help these young people reach their goals. The goal of the program is to train each year, free of charge, 150 young underprivileged Cambodians to the main professions of the hospitality industry. 

Learn more about Sala Bai hereSupport Sala Bai here


Sacred Dancers of Angkor

The Sacred Dancer of Angkor brings to life the fascinating legends of the Mahabarrata and the Ramayana depicted on Angkor Wat bas-reliefs, respecting the authentic Khmer Classical Ballet as inscribed at UNESCO. The Sacred Dancers of Angkor is the first spiritual dance troupe of Cambodia, born and trained in the heart of the Khmer cultural heritage site of Angkor. Guests will discover with emotion this art while supporting the sustainable future of these young dancers and musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learn more about Sacred Dancers of Angkor hereSupport Sacred Dancers of Angkor here

Shinta Mani Wild

Shinta Mani Wild is a radical new fusion of world-class design, hospitality and conservation. The camp was born when world-renowned designer Bill Bensley identified an unprotected, 350-hectare wildlife corridor – and set out to save it from poaching, mining and logging. The Shinta Mani Foundation is having a fundraiser to support the anti-poaching efforts of the WildLife Alliance in the Southern Cardamom Mountains, one of South East Asia’s last great Wilderness Areas. All details of the fundraiser and a donate button can be found at the link below.

Learn more about Shinta Mani Wild hereSupport Shinta Mani Wild here

Elephant Conservation Center

Elephant Conservation Center committed more to substantive work for the preservation of Asian elephants. The Center offers new working conditions to mahouts and new breeding opportunities for their elephants as well as providing environmental education for children and awareness-raising campaigns through several projects. 

Learn more about Elephant Conservation Center hereSupport Elephant Conservation Center here


Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC)

TAEC priority is to promoting awareness and understanding of Laos’ ethnic diversity and cultural heritage within local communities as well as committed to building capacity across all parts of the community. TAEC also provides professional development opportunities for workers in the culture and tourism sectors.

Learn more about TAEC hereSupport TAEC here


Passa Paa

Passa Paa is a social enterprise that aims to link the Hmong artisan to the rest of the world. We do this by embedding Hmong textile patterns and skills into a product that is desirable in the modern market. We are committed to working within the Hmong/Lao artisan community by supporting handmade hemp and organic cotton production in Laos, Hmong sewing techniques, indigo dying and printing.

Learn more about Passa Paa hereSupport Passa Paa here


Laos Buffalo Dairy

Laos Buffalo Dairy is a social enterprise that relies on tourism in order to help us support the local community, by renting pregnant female buffalo from the local farmers, to give them an extra income stream for something they already have, but don’t make any money from until they sell their buffalo.Our business works to educate the local community, not only on nutrition but also with farmer training for better animal husbandry and free English classes to the local community.

Learn more about Laos Buffalo Dairy hereSupport Laos Buffalo Dairy here

Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project

The Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project’s mission is to support fishing communities to protect Myanmar’s critically endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins and the unique heritage of cooperative fishing by helping them to market and promote community-based tourism.

Learn more about Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project hereSupport Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project here



Sanon Restaurant

Sanon is a training restaurant for marginalised as well as changing lives and building futures for Myanmar youth. The intention is to employ all Burmese staff to help encourage the development of local skills and expertise and support the local community. An income from the Restaurant helps pay for full-time staff such as our English teacher, a social worker, training chefs, front of house trainers, a restaurant manager and accountant. 

Learn more about Sanon Restaurant hereSupport Sanon Restaurant here



Doh Eain

Doh Eain focuses on heritage conservation and urban renewal, restoring and upgrading heritage building and public spaces in Yangon together with residents. The organization preserves heritage, improves public spaces and organises activities that connect people with places, employing a user-centred, participatory approach. In doing this they aim to inspire and enable people to participate in re-shaping their city while retaining cultural heritage. Doh Eain has launched “I Do Nation”, a fundraising campaign that aims to support vulnerable people in our society, starting with street vendors. 

Learn more about Doh Eain hereSupport Doh Eain here


Sa Ba Street Food Tour

Sa Ba Street Food Tours is a fresh look at Myanmar’s traditional street food for the culinary and culturally curious traveller. In this challenging time, the organization is working together with our volunteering friends at Food Not Bombs Myanmar who are on the front line fighting to get food into the hands of those who really need it. For around 60,000kyat ($45) we can feed 100 people a simple but nutritious dinner and pay the out-of-work street food vendors to cook it. It’s a win-win situation.

Learn more about Sa Ba Street Food Tour hereSupport Sa Ba Street Food Tour here

Elephants World

Elephants World is a self-supporting Environmental Conservation Organization that cares for domestic elephants, situated just outside of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Also, revenue support both the growing community of elephants, mahouts and staff. The Elephants World mission is to provide the best possible care for the elephants, staff and visitors as well as welcome travellers here at home and right across the world.

Learn more about Elephant World hereSupport Elephant World here


Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF)

Founded in 2003 specifically to provide alternatives for the elephants & mahouts who were, at that time, begging on the streets of Bangkok. As the situation has developed so we have changed our focus to provide the best answer to current threats faced by Asian elephants. Our projects fall under three key pillars: Captive Elephant Welfare, Wild Elephant Protection, Research & Education.

Learn more about Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation hereSupport Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation here

Local Alike is an online marketplace where you can find curated travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia. Their mission is to enhance the livelihoods at local communities across Thailand and neighbouring countries. During the COVID-19 period, Local Alike has conducted several initiatives to support local communities and mitigate the impact in this challenging time.

Learn more about Local Alike here Support Local Alike here


Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Foundation who are dedicated to giving our elephants the best life possible with the help of our visitors and volunteers. Our aim is to bring elephants home to the forest by working with the local communities to not only provide a haven for our elephants but also provide an alternative livelihood for their mahouts and owners. Currently, the sanctuary is being unable to take visitors during the Covid-19 crisis, whilst also supporting over 60 elephants that have had to return home to the area.

Learn more about Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary hereSupport Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary here

Andaman Discoveries

By participating in a program through Andaman Discoveries, you directly support the Andaman Center For Migrant Education as we donate 50 percent of our proceeds to charitable giving causes.  The Andaman Center For Migrant Education’s mission is to provide education for underprivileged migrant children in Southern Thailand.

These children are at high risk of being put to work in dangerous, dirty and degrading conditions. The Andaman Center provides opportunities for a better future, education that can break the cycle of poverty of this marginalized community.

Learn more about Andaman Discoveries hereSupport Andaman Discoveries here

SiamRise Travel

SiamRise Travel is a tour operator that supports the communities through “Tourism” to create a positive impact in the local environment, education, economy, and society. They care about preserving the local way of life and help communities to become more sustainable. The programs are specifically designed to support local community development and conservation goals. A percentage of income from our programs contributes towards a community fund for community development and conservation. At the moment, the company is pleased to offer special e-cash voucher for the collection of Bangkok Urban Tours and Cultural Village Tours.

Learn more about SiamRise Travel hereSupport SiamRise Travel here


KOTO its mission is empowering at-risk youth to pursue a life of dignity by providing training, life-skills, and opportunity as well as positive permanent change for at-risk and disadvantaged youth through the transformative power of social enterprise. KOTO also operates an enterprise that serves as a platform for vocational hospitality training as well as a source of income to support the welfare and training for the students. 

Learn more about KOTO hereSupport KOTO here


Reaching Out

Reaching Out Cafe is a social enterprise supporting the hearing-impaired, was established in 2000 with the vision of providing opportunities for people of disability (PWD’s) to learn skills and gain meaningful employment so that they are able to integrate fully with their communities and lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Learn more about Reaching Out hereSupport Reaching Out here


Mekong Quilts

Mekong Quilts is a social enterprise that employs over 200 women. The economic benefit to the women, all profits from the purchase of Mekong Quilts products are used to support the wider community through development initiatives such as micro-financing, scholarships, and health, hygiene and agricultural education programs.

Learn more about Mekong Quilts here Support Mekong Quilts here


Omamori Spa

Vietnam’s current ban on foreign tourism has crippled Omamori Spa’s operations, reducing revenue by more than 80%. As a result, we are unable to finance the current Hanoi training program for blind students, who have traveled from all regions of Vietnam for this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration toward making an investment in BlindLink’s training program—your gift will empower someone you may never meet personally, but in whose life you will make an immeasurable difference. 

Learn more about Omamori Spa hereSupport Omamori Spa here

Sapa Sisters Trekking

Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventure is the social enterprise that supports Hwang women. This business focuses on the pillar of sustainability in term of Social because this business provides the opportunity for Hmong women to have their salary and they can look after their children. They are the only Female and Hmong owned trekking company in Sapa and are proud to operate a business that ensures all of our guides a fair salary and opportunities to grow in our community.

Learn more about Sapa Sisters Trekking hereSupport Sapa Sisters Trekking here

Indigo Cat

Indigo Cat offers you an authentic gorgeous collection of textiles product which is genuinely manufactured by hand. The products mostly use traditional batik with handmade technique to create uniqueness. The company is one of the social enterprises in Vietnam that aims to support local minority communities from all over the northern part of Vietnam by choosing the fabric from those communities to create the products. 

Learn more about Indigo Cat hereSupport Indigo Cat here

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