Night Biking in Bangkok: The Road Best Travelled

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

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Bangkok's flower market by Paul Eshoo

Bangkok’s flower market by Paul Eshoo

Having visited Bangkok for many years since living in the region, I had assumed that taking a tour of the Big Mango would be fruitless. I am happy to now say that I was wrong.

After much goading from a friend, I recently joined a night bike tour of Bangkok with Grasshopper Adventures. The tour revisited some sights that I had been to years ago, but the experience was completely new.

The colours of Wat Po in the evening by Paul Eshoo

The colours of Wat Po in the evening by Paul Eshoo

It had been years since I had visited Wat Po—partly because of the crowds but mainly because of the been-there-done-that attitude that expats such as myself can develop. On the night bike, however, there were no crowds to fight with, and I was able to get reaquainted with this amazing temple through our guide, Tob’s, storytelling and the freedom offered by non-peak hours.

Other sights on the tour were equally enjoyable, most especially the night flower market and a ride along the Chao Phraya River. It reminded me that Bangkok’s culture and attractions are diverse and rich, and that some of its best are accessible only by foot or bicycle along narrow alleys and streets.

The tour was also quite “eco”. Obviously travelling by bicycle takes care of the biggest impact, emissions and the carbon footprint of taxi and bus travel. But, Grasshopper also uses reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste; and snacks provided during the trip were purchased directly from the local market, reducing plastic packaging and creating a positive economic impact for locals.

The trip was also quite safe, with a safety orientation before the trip and safe street crossings at all times.

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