Myanmar extends visa deal

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Myanmar confirmed 16 August that it would extend the visa-free period for Japanese and Korean visitors for another year starting 1 October this year.

The visa-free extension for another year also applies to China’s Special Administrative Regions Macau and Hong Kong.

A visa-on-arrival concession for Chinese and Indian visitors continues for another year when the trial period ends 30 September.

The easing of visa procedures for China, India, Japan and South Korea, Myanmar’s largest tourism supply markets, commenced under a trial project in October 2018.

Now the services will continue uninterrupted for a second year expiring 30 September 2020.

Details were announced on the Ministry of  Hotels and Tourism’s Facebook page at the weekend.

For Indian citizens who arrive by air, the visa-on-arrival concession started 1 December 2018 and expires 30 November 2019. It will be extended until 30 November 2020.

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