Millennials Seek Authentic Travel Experiences

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Industry experts say millennials are more inclined to seek out what they see as authentic travel experiences, rather than the ostentatious cruise ships and beach resorts of their parents’ generation.

While often labelled narcissistic and social media-obsessed, millennials are searching for more “authentic” travel experiences when visiting Southeast Asia than older generations, according to industry experts.

“Cultural experiences reign over partying,” James Dion, sustainable tourism programme manager at the National Geographic Society, told the Mekong Tourism Forum in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, July 2016.

Dion said the younger generation of travellers were spurning traditional modes of tourism. “They’re not so much leisure travellers as people were before. They’re more part of the experience economy.”

“Authenticity sells and can bring benefits to a people and place,” Dion said, adding that “when people come to a place like Cambodia, they’re experiencing a culture like you will find nowhere else.”

Full story by Logan Connor.

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