Mekong Discovery Trail

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Buriram province is one of the fastest growing border-lined cities whereby sport activities like soccer is nicely set up & recognized as the best stadium in Asia, F1 is expected to be organized. Its rich and well-blended culture between Khmer and Thai people can be seen through numerous archaeological sites such as Prasat Hin Phanom Rung, Prasat Hin Muang Tam. Khao Kradong Forest Park is not to miss to enjoy from the top of former volcano the panoramic view of the city. Market and night bazaar promise for local culinary experience and are paradise for shoppers. You can follow the trace of this ancient city either from cultural center or directly at many well-preserved sites.


Continue overland to Ubon Ratchathani, another border city to Pakse town. Khong Jiam or Kaeng Tana national park including the cave and its well-known two-colored river are for nature-lover tourist sites. The old painting at Pha Taem is a must to see. In Ubon, Thai and foreigners come and dedicate their life or timely to study Buddhism among a number of famous temples at Wat Nong Pah Pong and Wat Pah Nanachart. Besides, once a year during Khao Phan Sa, you will experience the candle festival of probably the best sophisticatedly crafted candles nationwide, witnessed by Thung Si Muang beautiful crafted candle for visitors of Ubon.


Two hour-drive to Chong Mek and another 40 km we will arrive Pakse town in Lao PDR. This is the 2nd biggest commercial city of Laos after Vientiane where coffee plantation in Boloven Plateau has been developed and exported to many countries. Many waterfalls such as Tad Phasuam, Tad Yueng, Tad Lo, Tad Fane including the ethnic groups are easy to reach. Pakse and its highland surroundings are famous for natural sites with Se river crossing the city to the mouth of the Mekong. The former capital in South Laos was Champassak where is located just only an hour drive or 2 hour by boat. The colonial styled buildings witness the flourished towns of both Pakse and Champassak. Lao-Vietnamese citizen takes an important part of the city trading. Champassak is renowned for its Vat Phou Temple (or mountain temple) on the top of sacred linga-formed mountain influenced by Hinduism. Trace of the past civilization of the 9th century built empire before Angkor Wat of the 11th century can be found from the ancient city complex by the ponds. Sacred source water is still believed in delivery good luck, happiness and wealth and this is why local tourists and guests keep visiting this place. Elephant walking trails are proven the people faith using for praying across the region from Angkor Empire in Cambodia to Champassak in Laos and proceeding until Prasat Hin Phanom Rung and Prasat Hin Pimai in Thailand.


Cruising down South is the best way to discover unspoiled 4,000 islands and peaceful Don Khone and Don Deth islands while visiting en-route the biggest one namely Don Khong. The old locomotive is left here to trace back the French effort and failure in railway construction to load goods and treasures across countries from Laos to Cambodia, then Vietnam until the open sea. Mekong river reveals her widest part around these 4,000 islands and islets. The biggest part of the river and various simple life scenes are stunning to the eyes of visitors, live the nature is the true charm of the Mekong river people.


An overland route no. 9 it will lead you until Lao-Khmer border where you can continue the journey to Cambodia; Strung Teng and Kratie. Once you are on the road, elephant riding at Phou Asa to the top of the hill and old stupa awaits. The “Niagara of Asia” or Phaphaeng waterfall is not to miss, Li Phi is also a place to discover and observe the phenomenon and power of the nature. Since no one can cruise against this giant waterfall, we will have to continue by road until the frontier. If you have some chance taking local boat, to observe the Irrawaddy dolphin (white dolphin) or in Lao as “Pla Kha” is a lucky-based option. She is endangered for disparition and required protection from fishermen tools.

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