Develop a ‘Love Mark’ for Southeast Asian Markets

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Egg Group CEO talked about the social, viral power of a "love mark" at Mekong Tourism Forum 2016

Egg Group CEO Sieng Van Tran talked about the social, viral power of a “love mark” at Mekong Tourism Forum 2016

To take advantage of the organic and viral power of social media, a Mekong-region tourism business would do well to develop a “love mark” said Sieng Van Tran, during his presentation on “Marketing to the Southeast Asian Consumer” at the Mekong Digital Boot Camp, July 5. The Boot Camp preceded Mekong Tourism Forum 2016.

The Egg Group CEO said Southeast Asian travellers were increasingly “socially-inspired”; planning trips with friends or to meet old friends and being inspired to travel by friends’ accounts of their experiences.

Love marks are brands that inspire “loyalty beyond reason”. Loyal followers of a love mark engage in passionate storytelling and experience-sharing.

Characterised by a sense of “mystery”, “sensuality”, and/or “intimacy”, love marks can quickly penetrate the hearts and minds of target audiences via the endorsement of beloved celebrities.

Mr Sieng also recommends “custom targeting”, which is uploading one’s own email list of consumers or agents into Facebook, Google and others in order to leverage the internet giants’ powerful data filtering and market segmentation tools.

This can be made even more powerful by learning how to use Google Trends to identify “flash points”, where keyword searches intersect with travel patterns.

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Presentations from Mekong Tourism Forum 2016 are available for download here.

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