Focus on quality urged for tourism

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Proactive strategies are needed to build up Thai tourism fundamentals in 2018 as authorities continue their efforts to make the country a quality destination.

Both the Tourism and Sports Ministry and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) have reiterated that their focus is more on quality tourists than quantity, but they also aim to receive 35 million tourists in 2018, up from 34 million in 2017.

This raises the question of how to shift its reputation from a cheap destination to a quality leisure location as the tourism fundamentals in the country need an overhaul.

Fundamental improvement In a bid to strengthen tourism, Weerasak Kowsurat, the Tourism and Sports Minister, has pledged to repair the country’s tourism fundamentals, saying he will soon establish a new tourism committee to solve problems in the industry. He also wants to work with other government bodies to improve logistics and transport problems, airports and public toilets.

The ministry will encourage business operators to develop and use online platforms for promoting their products as well as employing new marketing tools to meet modern tourists’ demands.

The organisation also plans to ask entrepreneurs to make local products and put them on sale to attract visitors to their communities.

Mr Weerasak recently met with tourism business leaders, saying he is committed to improving three areas in 2018. His first priority is to compile a list of attractions waning in popularity or in need of upgrades nationwide. The ministry will then look into how to give those sites a shot in the arm.

The second priority is improving human resources in the country, as the ministry says people need to have a better understanding of the tourism industry. To ease this problem, the ministry will work with educational institutions to provide training courses and also to create curriculum specifically catered to enhancing the industry.

The final priority is to establish a tourism clinic, which will provide consultancy services to business organisations and entrepreneurs.

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