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Date(s) - 11/07/2017
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Khao Phansa Day is a Buddhist holiday observed in Thailand on the first day following the full moon occurring in the eighth month of the Thai lunar calendar.

Therefore the date migrates each year due to differences between the lunar and solar calendars. Additionally, when Khao Phansa lands on a weekend, the next work day is made a non-work day to ensure celebrants get a day off work.

Khao Phansa marks the first day of “Buddhist Lent,” a time when some observant Buddhists fast from such things as meat, alcohol, and tobacco. For the most part, only Theravada, rather than Mahayana, Buddhists observe Khao Phansa, and even many Theravada practitioners choose not to fast.

Yet another name for Khao Phansa is “the Rains Retreat” because it occurs right at the beginning of Thai rainy season and because Buddhist monks take this opportunity to retreat inside of their temples for a three-month period of study and meditation.


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