Educational Travel Sector in Myanmar Taking Shape

Proudly contributed by Lu Mon

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In an effort to develop a new market segment in Myanmar tourism industry, Myanmar Experiences Center (MEX) is pioneering to develop tailor-made educational travel products in the country.

MEX is an offspring of Yangon based Mira Travels which conceptualized the project during Tourism Export Coaching Program organized by the Netherland’s Centre for Promotion of Developing countries (CBI).

MEX’s experience programs integrate the concepts of community based tourism and sustainable tourism according to Dr. Lu Mon, founder of MEX and Mira Travels, which is a Travelife Partner for Sustainable Standard in Tourism.

“Myanmar tour operators have been operating study tours but I do not recognize a specialist in the field of educational travel. So we took the leap at student travel and volunteer travel programs and we are hoping to link up with regional service providers offering similar products.”, said Lu Mon.

Myanmar’s rich cultures, diverse landscapes and ethnicity, and history as well as the perspective of being a developing country with name tag of Asia’s final frontier for economic growth and development, offer a perfect environment for students and universities to conduct study tours to the country.

“I am excited to see how new concepts in tourism in Myanmar integrating together- responsible travel, community based tourism and educational travel. It’s a positive impact for stakeholders.” said Lu Mon, who is also a co-founder of Myanmar Sustainable Tour Operator Network (MSTON).


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