Ecotourism Making Plans in Thailand

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The Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA), under the direction of its new president Neeracha Wongmasa, has mapped out a strategic plan to develop ecotourism and adventure products to meet international standards and tap new markets.

“As the new president, I will maintain and continue all of the long-term policies that the association has laid out for years,” Ms Neeracha said. “However, my priority jobs are to develop ecotourism and adventure travel to meet with higher-level international standards along with improving internal management.”

She said ecotourism and community-based activities would be key to the sustainability of the overall tourism sector in Thailand as well as in many other countries.

Some 800,000 foreign tourists came to Thailand last year specifically to visit villages, natural sites, communities, and hilltribes across the Kingdom, while more than 2 million Thai tourists also pursued these interests.

Full story at The Nation.

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