East-West Corridor Journey

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Mukdahan Thailand 2Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – 4 Days 3 Countries

On this trip you will explore the East-West Corridor or the so called modern “Silk Road”. 4 days you will experience the three countries which are connected by the corridor: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Whereas you will experience Thailand and Laos mainly by crossing the country boarders and driving through, in Vietnam you will have a chance to explore some sites more detailed.

The journey starts in Mukdahan in Thailand on the boarder to Laos. You will then drive through Laos and have a lunch stop at a local Restaurant before you will cross the next boarder from Laos to Lao Bao in Vietnam. By now you already have been in three different countries in just one day.

Mukdahan ThailandYour first destination in Vietnam is Hue. Here you will visit the Citadel, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, enjoy a Dragon boat ride on the peaceful Huong River to the Hon Chen Temple and Thien Mu Pagoda and visit the Khai Dinh Tomb. Afterwards you will drive to Danang the 4th biggest city of Vietnam where Vietnam and Laos are separated by the western Truong Son Mountains. Here you will have the possibility to visit some cultural sites or simply enjoy the beach.

The next stop Hoi An was one of South East Asia’s major international ports. You can simply walk through the Old Quarter and enjoy some of the local specialties. In case you should need a new piece of clothing Hoi An would be exactly what you need with its large number of tailor shops. Some of the sights in Hoi An include the ancient merchants’ houses, the Phuc Kien Temple, the famous Japanese Covered Bridge and the colourful riverside market.

huong-river-hue-vietnamFrom Hoi An the trip takes you back the same way you came from: You will drive back to Hue where you will visit the Throne Palace and have some leisure time to do some shopping, for example at the local Dong Ba Market.
The last part of the trip is the way back from Hue to Lao Bao to Savannakhet in Laos and finally to Mukdahan in Thailand.

This trip will show you how easily linked the three countries Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are and how much you can enjoy a trip through the countries even in only a short amount of time. This trip will not only bring you some of the fascinating historical sites of Vietnam closer, it also lets you experience the modern economical development of the Mekong countries.

Source: http://www.lotuslaotravel.com/south.html

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