Don Ross Tackles Tachilek on an e-Visa

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inside-no-2-border-check-point-Tachilek“Myanmar is a contradiction as far as last frontiers are concerned,” according to TTR Weekly‘s Don Ross.

“It rolls back obstacles through its widely popular e-Visa programme, while frustrating innovative travel providers with frontier closures that put the tourism of entire regions at risk.

“Myanmar’s e-Visa is an example of the country getting it right and leading the way in the Mekong Region. Closing a border checkpoint with China just two months ago and forbidding eastbound land travel beyond Inle lake for cars and motor cycle tours frustrates tour planners.

“New barriers crop up without notice, usually as a response to a security scare, or military confrontation, but they send a negative message and stymie innovative tour content.

“However, the e-Visa is the good news …”

Full column at TTR Weekly.

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