“Green heart passports” to promote eco-tourism around Thailand

Visitors to Thailand’s 155 national parks over the New Year holidays have a special surprise in store: the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation will distribute one million “green heart passports” to promote environmentally friendly tourism. The passports will be valid until December 31, 2020. Visitors to national parks can show their “passport” […]

Green Travel: How to travel in a sustainable manner

Tourism has witnessed continuous expansion over the years thanks to enhanced visa facilitation, an increasing number of airlines and low-cost flights, the popularity of home-sharing platforms that are cheaper than hotels as well as the widespread application of digital technologies. Nowadays more people can afford and opt for trips overseas. According to the World Tourism […]

Thailand pushing smart agriculture

The Thai government will apply Japanese agritech to upgrade Thailand’s community-based tourism and tackle poverty among farmers. Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is known for breath-taking scenery, onsen hot springs and ski areas. However, it is also known for its advanced agricultural technology and ecotourism. Agriculture plays a large role in Hokkaido’s economy, […]

UNWTO urges deeper collaboration to curb carbon emissions from tourism

Transport-related emissions from tourism are expected to account for 5.3 per cent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, up from 5 per cent in 2016, according to a new report from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the International Transport Forum (ITF). At the same time, as tourist numbers rise and the sector […]

Cambodia Bans Elephant Rides at Angkor Wat Beginning in 2020

Each year, Cambodia’s legendary Angkor archaeological park is visited by millions of tourists, many of whom take elephant rides to explore the famed temples. Since 2001, elephants have been used at the temples to not only provide such rides but also to put on performances for visitors. Tourists who engage in these offerings are unwittingly […]

Moving on from banning plastic bottles

Proudly contributed by Don Ross

Company contributor TTR Weekly

Everyone is jumping on the ban the plastics band waggon and not always for the right reasons. It’s good for business if you are a marketing guru. You win attention, and it’s trendy. You improve your visibility rating on social media, and before you know it, you are an expert heading for the prolific conference […]

Việt Nam gears toward sustainable tourism development

Nguyễn Trùng Khánh, director general of the Việt Nam Tourism Administration, talks to Vietnam Economic Times newspaper about his agency’s efforts to improve the tourism sector’s competitive advantages. How has Việt Nam’s tourism sector developed in the last few years? The tourism sector has gained quite remarkable successes in the last few years and become a spotlight in national socio-economic development. […]

Airbnb gets friendly with animals through Experiences

Having added Adventure offerings to its activities arm earlier this year, Airbnb is further widening its Experiences portfolio with the launch of Airbnb Animal Experiences, a brand-new category that seeks to offer travellers “a fresh new way to connect with animals”. The new initiative, with some 1,000 Experiences co-hosted by over 300 species and their human advocates, enables guests […]

TripAdvisor bans sales to attractions that breed captive whales and dolphins

TripAdvisor will no longer sell tickets to or generate revenue from, any attraction that continues to contribute to the captivity of future generations of cetaceans, referring to whales, dolphins and porpoises. As a result, any commercial facility that breeds or imports cetaceans for public display will be banned from sale on TripAdvisor and its subsidiary […]