ASSET-H&C to host a conference around the topic of “Eco-Responsible Hospitality & Tourism”

Proudly contributed by Anne JOURDE Since 2016, an organization of a whole new genre has emerged in the Mekong Subregion, gathering inclusive training centres that share the following objectives: To offer a quality training and decent employment opportunities to vulnerable persons in the Hospitality & Catering sector To provide the sector with adequately trained workforce, […]

Thailand with a difference: Community-based tourism

“Can you see KL?” a Thai journalist shouts out, as a Malaysian travel writer takes to the skies on a giant wooden swing by the edge of a cliff. Of course, he was just ribbing as there was no way you could see Kuala Lumpur from there, unless you had superpowers. After all, we are […]

Eco-tourism site in Cambodia shortlisted for Euro award

An ecotourism site in Mondulkiri province has been shortlisted alongside four other countries for a $35,000 award from the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Olly Griffin, a technical adviser with the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Jahoo Gibbon Camp in the province’s Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, said the award would be a big boost to […]

New Experience Mekong Collection Showcases The Best In Responsible Travel

Company contributor Mekong Tourism Office

BANGKOK, 31 October 2017– With the purpose of showcasing responsible and sustainable travel experiences in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), the “Experience Mekong Collection” was launched at the ITB Asia 2017 in Singapore. As the name suggests, it is a collection of inspirational, rewarding and authentic experiences that minimise negative impacts and generate greater benefits […]

From Profitability to Prosperity: How Hoteliers can Start Thinking about ‘Sustainability’ into Their Business

‘Sustainability’ is relatively new emerging terminology in which people are still learning and discussing about especially in hospitality industry. It seems to be like looking forward to the long-term competitive goals, being heroes and saving the world, or even marketing ourselves and seeking new segments of customers who are willing to pay more. So, what […]

Sovereign attractions in Thailand

Royal projects created by the late King to help rural communities are now becoming popular tourist destinations.  In remembrance of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, it is a good time for Thais and foreign tourists to visit and discover outstanding royal projects located across the country. The Bangkok Post is running a series on the impact […]

The mandate of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics renewed until 2021

With a leading role in the recent approval of the Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics by the UNWTO General Assembly held in Chengdu, China, the composition of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics has been renewed.  In order to continue advancing the important work of this subsidiary organ of the UNWTO General Assembly, the mandate […]

UNWTO Launches ‘Travel.Enjoy.Respect’ Campaign

In the framework of the International Year on Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is launching a consumer-oriented campaign aimed at raising awareness of the value and contribution that sustainable tourism can make towards development. The ‘Travel.Enjoy.Respect’ campaign wants to engage tourists in making the sector a catalyst for positive change. […]

What do Food Waste and Work Out have in Common?

Proudly contributed by Benjamin Lephilibert

The importance of minimising food waste is nearly as universally understood as the importance of good health. But in both cases, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing a better job than you really are. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking to shed a few pounds. You might decide to go to […]

Promoting Sustainable Watershed Management in the Lower Mekong Basin

The Mekong region has witnessed considerable deterioration of watersheds from war, logging, mining, population growth, hydropower and irrigation development, and clearing of terrestrial and flooded forests for agriculture. Some areas of the Mekong basin have lost over half of their original forest cover leading to soil erosion, flash floods, and a decline in the provision […]