Tourism and Hospitality: Answering the demand for skilled Khmers

The rise in number of foreign tourists in the kingdom also means an increase in the number of job opportunities for Khmers. However, has this demand for skilled workers in the industry been met? A newly opened vocational training school in Phnom Penh tries to provide an answer, write Agnes Alpuerto and Say Tola. Over the years, Cambodia […]

Myanmar tourism personnel to receive training in China

Myanmar will send a total of 40 Myanmar’s top tourism management personnel to receive training at the 18th seminar for China-ASEAN tourism personal education and training base in China on Nov. 18-28. The selected tourism personnel are from China Tourism Service Association in Myanmar, Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF), Myanmar Tour Guide Association (MTGA), Myanmar Chinese […]

Tourism pushes up employment in Laos

The Lao tourism industry employs 114,000 people and is considered a top revenue earner of the country. According to the latest report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) cited by the Vientiane Times, tourism employment is expected to hit 121,000 or three percent of the Lao workforce in 2028. Lao Deputy Minister of […]

Tourism creating wealth of job opportunities for Lao people

The United Nations’ World Travel and Tourism Council unveiled its latest report recently, which indicated that tourism has directly resulted in 114,000 jobs being created in Laos. This is expected to rise to 121,000 jobs in 2028, which will represent about 3 percent of total employment. As a whole, tourism and related services have generated […]

Educational Travel Sector in Myanmar Taking Shape

Proudly contributed by Lu Mon

In an effort to develop a new market segment in Myanmar tourism industry, Myanmar Experiences Center (MEX) is pioneering to develop tailor-made educational travel products in the country. MEX is an offspring of Yangon based Mira Travels which conceptualized the project during Tourism Export Coaching Program organized by the Netherland’s Centre for Promotion of Developing […]

After Bumpy 2017, Tourism Sector Looks for Clear Skies

Myanmar’s tourism sector has been booming since the country began opening its doors to the outside world in 2011, after decades of isolation under military rule. Tourist arrivals surged from 800,000 in 2011 to 4.7 million in 2015. But the sector had a setback late last year with the outbreak of violence in Rakhine State, […]

Myanmar tour operators to receive new tourism export coaching program

Proudly contributed by Lu Mon

The Centre for Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), an agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will provide new tourism export coaching program for select Myanmar tour operators. According to Mrs. Jeanette Scherpenzeel, CBI Program Manager, this is the third time CBI is providing such coaching program to Myanmar. The main objective […]

What do Food Waste and Work Out have in Common?

Proudly contributed by Benjamin Lephilibert

The importance of minimising food waste is nearly as universally understood as the importance of good health. But in both cases, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing a better job than you really are. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking to shed a few pounds. You might decide to go to […]

Pro-poor tourism – why pro-poor tourism initiatives may sometimes fail

Proudly contributed by Kevin Phun

Pro-poor tourism has in the recent decades, received greater interests as more and more focus is on refining the idea of using tourism to target poverty. Pro-poor tourism may find it hard to co-exist within a broader tourism plan. This is due to the fact that most tourism planning does not cater specifically and intentionally […]