The Baht Is ‘Frightening’ Thailand’s Tourism Industry

Follow Bloomberg on LINE messenger for all the business news and analysis you need. One of the main groups monitoring Thailand’s tourism industry said it’s too early to expect a revival in the sector despite a recent spike in arrivals. The strength of the baht is the biggest impediment to wooing more holidaymakers, the Tourism Council of Thailand said […]

Badly Behaved Chinese Tourists Draw Local Ire in Myanmar

Mahagandhayon monastery in Mandalay Region is one of Myanmar’s most prominent monastic colleges. Well known for its adherence to the Buddhist monastic codes, every year it attracts thousands of tourists eager to glimpse the peaceful monastic life of the more than 1,500 monks who reside and study Buddhist teachings there. For visiting tourists, the monastery’s […]

Thomas Cook leads to lower arrivals goal

The closure of the world’s oldest travel firm, Thomas Cook, has prompted Thailand to cut its arrivals target from Britain from an estimated 1 million this year. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) governor Yuthasak Supasorn said TAT will also assess the possible impact that might occur in Scandinavia, where tourists also use the services of […]

Thailand worries mass tourism is bringing security troubles

Thailand, popularly known as the “Land of Smiles,” is no longer smiling so much as fears grow that the rapidly rising inflow of tourists may be undermining the country’s national security. Even as Thailand hit a record 38.3 million visitors last year, the issue has taken on added urgency following recent proposals to grant visa-free […]

Vietnam’s tourism faces over-tourism risks

Proudly contributed by Don Ross

Trend spotters view Vietnam as the tourism destination to watch closely as the country strides forward to become a top tourism player in the Mekong Region. All the tell-tale signs of a runaway success are evident even the early warnings from critics, who point an accusing finger at beach pollution and overcrowding. Is Vietnam heading […]

Phu Quoc: A candidate for overtourism?

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When guidebooks and bloggers tell us now is the best time to visit an island destination before it loses its natural beauty and charm it’s a strong hint that big business and brands have already staked their claims at beachside properties and the blight of “overtourism” is just around the corner. Vietnam’s favourite island holiday […]

The last 92 Irrawaddy dolphins in Mekong River may not survive

Experts are concerned that the Mekong dolphin is unlikely to survive Cambodia’s modernisation as a new dam is planned. At the dolphin ticket office, there is a tattered page stuck to the wall calling on readers to save dolphins as part of “Cambodia’s splendid natural heritage”. It says, “building dams destroy habitats” and lists threats […]

How to solve Asia’s ‘lazy’ overtourism problem

Tourism and environmental destruction do not have to go hand-in-hand, says Willem Niemeijer, boss of sustainable travel company Yaana Ventures, who shares why he’s optimistic that the travel industry can be a force for good both for the environment and local communities. Any visitor to Phuket or Siem Reap would understand first hand what “overtourism” looks like: the thronging crowds, […]

Another airline bites the dust amid Myanmar’s overcapacity

Air Mandalay has suspended all scheduled and charter services to restructure its business, the fourth domestic airline in Myanmar to wind up in the face of high fuel prices and slower than projected demand. Myanmar’s second oldest airline suspended services starting from September 4, with no confirmed date for the resumption of operations. Speaking to […]

Asian plastic is choking the world’s oceans

The recent death of a short-finned pilot whale in Songkhla, southern Thailand, triggered a bout of long-overdue national anguish. The creature, discovered in June, was filled to its blowhole with 85 plastic bags that it had mistaken for food. Endangered finless porpoises, Irrawaddy dolphins, and turtles have also been recent casualties of plastic ingestion in […]