Thailand: No plans to return tourism to pre-COVID crisis levels

Thailand decided to not return tourism to what is was before COVID-19 | 20% Thailand GDP is from Tourism | Thailand is looking for investors outside the Tourism industry | Thailand’s authorities said they did not plan to return tourism to pre-crisis levels even after the normalization of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19, said Deputy Prime […]

Thailand tourism changed forever

Proudly contributed by Andrew J. Wood

Last week the Thai government Minister’s speech shows me that tourism will never be allowed to recover to previous levels. The writing is definitely on the wall, windows and front door, that there has been a major policy shift in government thinking by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s Cabinet. In a deeply worrying development for Thailand’s massive […]

One year after listing, Plain of Jars is a World Heritage indicator amid pandemic

Most sites see a dramatic change after being put on the World Heritage List. Visitor numbers shoot up, investors both domestic and international flock to the site, and there is a flurry of media interest and community activity. Yet, one year after the listing of the Plain of Jars in Lao PDR in July 2019, […]

Thailand general tourism closed until March 2021

Minister for Sports and Tourism, Pipat Ratchakitprakan, has announced that Thailand’s tourism is close until the second quarter of next year. This means that other tourist visas, such as e-Visa and visa-on-arrival, apart from the new TR and STV visa will still be on hold for now. This move thwarted the hopes of a turnaround […]

Opening up is the only way to rescue Thai tourism

Thailand’s world-class tourism industry is in a deep, coronavirus-induced coma, close to death. No life support is currently available. Pandemic paranoia has gripped the nation, freezing our bio-security risk management in full containment mode, meaning zero tolerance for local Covid-19 transmission. The socio-economic, and some might add political, impacts of this crisis are huge. According […]

Thailand tourism revenue shrinks drastically, foreign tourism prospects look dim

Krungthai Bank’s research center has urged the tourism sector to adapt to the New Normal for domestic tourism, in order to minimize damage from COVID-19, as international tourism is not expected to recover in even the coming year. Krungthai COMPASS, a think tank of the Krungthai Bank, has estimated Thailand’s tourism sector revenue this year […]

No consensus in Vietnam on resuming international flights

Experts are unable to agree on whether international flights should resume along with safety measures as the Covid-19 outbreak continues. The Vietnam Aviation Business Association last week called on the government to resume flights to countries that have contained the pandemic, and allow foreign tourists entry if they meet pandemic prevention requirements. Deputy chairman of the association, […]

Travel turmoil

As the world faces the devastating consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is among the sectors affected the most severely. A major source of revenue and jobs in Asia, it started to feel the pain early when the Chinese outbound market collapsed almost overnight in late January. After months of lockdowns, countries are cautiously starting […]

Dual prices on agenda

The Tourism and Sports Ministry plans to propose to the prime minister the idea of ditching dual pricing at local attractions for expatriates in Thailand, as well as asking tour operators to tailor packages to this target group. The packages should be attractive enough to lure expatriates, a group that could contribute 1 billion baht […]