Sailing to the Source of the Mekong

Wouldn’t it be great to go on a Conrad-esque adventure; buy a wooden longboat and sail it up the Mekong, from its delta in Vietnam to its source on the Tibetan Plateau? That’s what two Western photographers thought. With backing from an NGO focused on water and sanitation, the Canadian and South African bought a […]

Secrets of Laos’ Muang La Hot Spring

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

I had heard that the Muang La hot spring was nicely done, but didn’t realize what it really had to offer until I made my own visit. My first visit was actually a failed one because I did not heed the directions on the website that the resort only accepts advanced bookings of two nights […]

Dali at Forefront of China’s Culture, Heritage Preservation

It’s not surprising that Yunnan province’s Dali has emerged as a travel hotspot in China. While its idyllic rice paddies, surrounding mountains, a picturesque lake, historic structures, and a rich blend of cultures, has attracted the typical influx of eager developers hoping to cash in on tourism, Dali and its surrounding area is also on […]

Paddling through Time on the Mekong

Writing for New Atlas, Mike Hanlon: Humility is a rare commodity in the era of the smartphone, selfies and carefully–coiffed digital personas. Gratitude, too, is unusual in the modern world where a sense of entitlement seems all pervasive. Despite most of us being aware enough to acknowledge that all human beings start out with the […]

Laos’ Gibbon Experience: Truly Sustainable

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

I finally had the chance to do the Gibbon Experience recently and loved it. The Gibbon Experience is Laos’ original zip lining attraction, located in Bokeo Province, with amazingly high tree houses where visitors stay overnight to take in the beauty of the forest below and around. From a sustainability point of view, there are […]

Yunnan’s Lijiang Old Town a Lesson in Co-existence

Proudly contributed by Luc Citrinot

Lijiang is a unique testimony of co-existence between various cultures, religions and nature. However, mass tourism could alter the destination’s uniqueness. A conservation plan will now fix limits to the destination’s commercial development. The old town of Lijiang, set in an uneven topographic site, is a unique urban structure adapted to its difficult environment. It […]

Backstreet Academy Elicits the “Lost Lustre” of Travel

Singapore-based Backstreet Academy claims to “bring back the lost lustre of travel in the age of mass tourism”. “We bring back the human connection that we lost in our rush to see each and every attraction,” its website claims. “We bring back the curiosity in traditions, skills and culture and not just in the form […]

Video: Angkor Wat from the Inside Out

Proudly contributed by John Cragen

Angkor Wat. Whether or not they’ve been there, these two words get the heart of any traveler beating a little bit faster.  And for good reason – they’re an iconic destination that’s part of any complete bucket list. I was excited to have the chance to visit the temple complex at Angkor Wat, and set […]

Nam Kat Yola Pa, Laos: More than a Nature Resort

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

On my recent trip from Luang Namtha to Luang Prabang, I stopped off in Oudomxay to check out the newly built Nam Kat Yola Pa, a resort that opened in April ‘16. The resort is in a class of its own as an up-scale accommodation in Laos. On first sight, the reception is exquisitely designed […]

Pù Luông Nature Reserve: Ecolodges & Trekking

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

Pù Luông Nature Reserve is only a day’s drive from Hanoi and is located in Thanh Hóa Province. Looking for a little adventure, I decided to ride a motorbike out to the park.  The road was smooth and the drive spectacular, passing through small villages and karst landscapes. Along the way, I stopped in Mai […]