Thailand’s 12 hidden gems a treasure trove of Thai local experiences

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) continues to expand the ‘12 Hidden Gems’ campaign that encourages visitors to go off the beaten path and discover new Thai local experiences in emerging destinations around the kingdom. First introduced in 2015, the campaign features 12 provinces which offer countless attractions for visitors to explore and discover. Lampang […]

Myanmar Tourism – the moral dilemma

Proudly contributed by Andrew Wood Does tourism promotion have any role in resolving complex religious, political, socio-economic challenges such as currently being experienced by the Rohingya people and the Myanmar authorities? Can tourism provide solutions for the long term settlement of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees crossing over the border of Myanmar into […]

Myanmar prepares for unique festivals

Myanmar is preparing for the end of the Buddhist Lent. During this period many unique festivals take place throughout the country, offering excellent opportunities for tourist to participate and experiencethe type of celebrations you would normally only see on NationalGeographic Channel. It also coincides with one of the best periods to visit Myanmar, with September […]

Doors Open to Princely Kengtung in the Golden Triangle

Proudly contributed by Keith Lyons

Once a key strategic town on the old caravan trade routes between China’s Yunnan province and Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, the old city of Kengtung might be the capital of the Golden Triangle, but it has missed out on half a century of development seen elsewhere in the region. The town, […]

China’s New Religious Pilgrims Flock to Yunnan

Jeremy Eccles writing for The Australian: “During two recent tours through western China I’ve been able to observe the immensity of domestic tourism as the country’s enriched middle classes are freed to visit the legendary sites of their culture. “On my visit to Xian, for example, it proved almost impossible to view the Terracotta Warriors […]

Thoi Son, Vietnam Emerges as Ecotourism Hotspot

As well as a famous fruit-growing area, Thoi Son Island in the Mekong Delta is now also a must-see ecotourism destination, according to VietnamNet Bridge, thanks to local residents’ efforts to use the area’s natural features to develop tourism. The island is considered a “green tourism area” and welcomes more than 400,000 tourists every year, […]

Sailing to the Source of the Mekong

Wouldn’t it be great to go on a Conrad-esque adventure; buy a wooden longboat and sail it up the Mekong, from its delta in Vietnam to its source on the Tibetan Plateau? That’s what two Western photographers thought. With backing from an NGO focused on water and sanitation, the Canadian and South African bought a […]

Secrets of Laos’ Muang La Hot Spring

Proudly contributed by Paul Eshoo

I had heard that the Muang La hot spring was nicely done, but didn’t realize what it really had to offer until I made my own visit. My first visit was actually a failed one because I did not heed the directions on the website that the resort only accepts advanced bookings of two nights […]

Dali at Forefront of China’s Culture, Heritage Preservation

It’s not surprising that Yunnan province’s Dali has emerged as a travel hotspot in China. While its idyllic rice paddies, surrounding mountains, a picturesque lake, historic structures, and a rich blend of cultures, has attracted the typical influx of eager developers hoping to cash in on tourism, Dali and its surrounding area is also on […]

Paddling through Time on the Mekong

Writing for New Atlas, Mike Hanlon: Humility is a rare commodity in the era of the smartphone, selfies and carefully–coiffed digital personas. Gratitude, too, is unusual in the modern world where a sense of entitlement seems all pervasive. Despite most of us being aware enough to acknowledge that all human beings start out with the […]