Cambodia Prepares Tourism Master Plan

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A tourism master plan “urgently needed” in Cambodia. Pic: KT/Chor Sokunthea

Cambodia’s tourism ministry has prepared a master plan to attract investment in the sector and create more products for tourists, reports Khmer Times.

Tourism minister Thong Khon set out the plan at the first quarter meeting at the ministry last week.

He advised tourism officials at all levels to continue establishing new products and push resorts to keep their surroundings clean.

“We also have to push human capital in tourism, promote Cambodian tourism both locally and internationally to respond to the current tourism trend as well as push the local tourist movement,” Mr Khon said.

“Forcing the use of information communication technology to manage the tourism industry and build good hospitality movements is urgently needed.”

Tith Chantha, ministry secretary of state, said the master plan in the city and provinces has already been implemented.

He said the master plan included infrastructure development, clean and green resorts, well managed social order, widening and building new roads to reach resorts, offering good services, quality, hospitality and manpower in the tourism sector.

Thourn Sinan, chairman of the Cambodian chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, said the master plan is necessary for the country.

He said there should be a clear plan for tourism in each city and province and the implementation must be transparent.

Full story at Khmer Times.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday that China has been playing a critical role in contributing to the development of the Cambodian economy through direct investment and helping to develop infrastructure.

“Since the commencement of the Cambodia-China Strategic Partnership in 2010, both countries have made a lot of progress in many sectors –  politics, economics, social, and culture –  reflecting the exchanges of experience, trade, investment and tourism of both countries,” he said.

Full story at Khmer Times.

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