Betong district of Yala – a tourism model city in Thailand

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Betong district, Yala province, is a model tourism city that generates increased tourism income every year. In the middle of this year, the government also plans to promote the area’s community-based tourism in preparation for the opening of Betong Airport.

Rear Admiral Somkiat Pholprayoon, Secretary-General of the Southern Border Province Administration Center (SBPAC), noted his week that Betong District is growing considerably. The number of tourists has more than doubled.

The government has been promoting Betong as a model region for tourism and border trade. It is a model city for development of sustainable self-reliance. It is expected that after the opening of Betong Airport in June, the number of tourists will increase to one million and the revenue from tourism will reach more than four billion baht per year.

A community-based tourism group has also been formed. It has generated jobs and income for people in the community. The famous Aiyerweng ’sea of clouds’ in KhunungSilipat community of Aiyerwengsubdistrict has generated an income of at least 20,000 baht for each member of the community-based tourism group.

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