Digital Marketing Automation the Next Big Thing

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Be My Guest CEO Clement Wong talks about digital marketing automation in his presentation on “Travel Marketing for Small- & Medium-Sized Tourism Businesses” at Mekong Tourism Forum 2016

The next big thing in digital marketing will be automation asserted Clement Wong, CEO of Be My Guest (Singapore).

He said this while talking about “Travel Marketing for Small- & Medium-Sized Tourism Businesses” at the Mekong Tourism Digital Boot Camp 2016, July 5.

The Boot Camp took place in Sihanoukville, Cambodia the day before the main Mekong Tourism Forum 2016 and was attended by the vast majority of the more than 200 registered Forum delegates.

Programmatic media buying software will automatically purchase, place and optimize media based on advances in data mining and analysis, Mr Wong said.

He estimated that 50% of all ad buys would be programmatic by 2019.

Mr Wong added that mobile artificial intelligence systems such as Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Sami, and IBM’s Watson would more greatly influence purchasing behaviour.

SoLoMo—social, local, mobile—is already important among younger and more tech-savvy experienced travellers.

Your Website is a Virtual Destination

Ever since the advent of the internet, websites have been virtual destinations for prospective travellers in the dreaming and planning stages of a travel experience.

A good SME website, Mr Wong advised, curates local knowledge, hosts original video and blog content, and offers a simple and fast booking process.

Credible, quality content will drive conversions. And content should be original to give it the best possible search engine ranking.

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Presentations from Mekong Tourism Forum 2016 are available for download here.

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