Airlines On Board Plastic-Free Flight Initiatives

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Plastic may be a thing of the past for airplane meals.
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The fight against plastic has taken flight, as airlines are taking stock of their consumption of single-use items. Plastic abounds throughout airplane foodservice, as straws, cutlery, drink stir sticks and other items offered to passengers are typically designed for individual and temporary use. 

Portuguese airline Hi Fly recently sent its first plastic-free flights airborne in December. The trial involved four return flights using an Airbus A340 from Lisbon to Natal, Brazil, and according to the airline, the 700 passengers on these flights would have resulted in the use of 350 kg of single-use plastic. 

Onboard, the flight replaced plastic cups, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, sick bags, packaging for bedding, dishes, individual butter pots, soft drink bottles and toothbrushes with paper and bamboo alternatives. The airline aims to be plastic-free by the end of 2019 — a goal announced earlier in 2018. “Human beings have believed the ocean is an inexhaustible source of food and pleasure as well as a limitless garbage dump,” Hi Fly president Paulo Mirpuri told CTV. “We can no longer ignore the impact plastic contamination has on ecosystems, as well as on human health. We know, too, from the feedback we have received from client airlines and passengers, that it’s the right thing for the airline to be doing.”

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