The reality is: While the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office has limited resources, the one thing we have is a tremendous amount of passion and expertise when it comes to travel and tourism in the Mekong Region.

The question is: How to unleash that passion and expertise to leverage the long tail (or the combined number of individuals) that want to contribute to increase responsible tourism development in the GMS to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive growth in all parts of the region?

The answer is: YOU! Passionate industry professionals that love the Mekong Region, and have something to give – your expertise.

 The concept is: Leveraging as a digital platform to bring together passion and expertise for the Greater Mekong Subregion, in form of a Mekong Tourism Content Contributor Program.  In a nutshell, we are looking for individuals that want to contribute content, from articles, multi-country journeys, and documents for the our new e-Library. 

The benefits for content contributors are:

1. Link back to the website of the content contributor, as well as appropriate crediting of the source. This will drive traffic to the individual’s website.

2. Being recognised as a subject matter expert by being approved as Official Mekong Tourism Content Contributor by having a profile similar to this: We are getting inquiries very often of companies looking for consultants and subject matter experts – this could become the go-to database of available tourism experts in the GMS. 

3. Becoming an active member of our Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG), which will guide us in working together in collaboration between private and public sector. We will also give Official Mekong Tourism Content Contributors and MeTAG members preferred access as well as speaking engagements at Mekong Tourism Forum and other related seminars (and conferences where we are asked to recommend speakers).




The Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) has developed a new digital platform in order to increase engagement with the global and regional travel and tourism industry.

We have various ways to invite the travel and tourism industry to collaborate with us – all with a mission to increase responsible and sustainable tourism in the Greater Mekong Subregion in order to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive growth.

First, please make sure that we have all your information in our database, so we can easily communicate with you – by please filling out our Tourism Industry Contacts Form.

For more details about the MTCO Mandate and the Experience Mekong Tourism Strategy 2015-2020, please visit:



Please see the various ways to contribute and engage with Mekong Tourism below, and please contact us if you are interested or by filling out the Content Contributor Form:

Articles: Subject matter experts, such as consultants, company executives, journalists, and bloggers active in the GMS can apply to become “Official Mekong Tourism Experts”. In return for providing regular (non-exclusive) content at least once a month, the subject matter expert is featured on the website with a short bio and photo as well as link to the blog or website, as well as an official badge which can be added to the company’s expectations or expert’s blog or website. Each article will be attributed and credited, and if requested and supplied, will link to the expert’s website or blog. Each published article after having gone through the required editorial process will be promoted on social media, featured on the homepage for certain period of time, and in select cases even featured on the monthly Mekong Tourism e-newsletter.  Contributors are welcome to apply by focusing on their subject matter expertise, such as but not limited to culinary tourism, river tourism, heritage tourism, community-based tourism, adventure-tourism, religious tourism, luxury tourism, budget tourism, aviation, hotel development, tourism investment, as well as deep expertise in any of the six member countries. As such, MTCO is building a powerful community of subject matter experts that will benefit contributors in getting business and consulting engagements by being appointed as “Official Mekong Tourism Expert”. Subject matter experts that do not want to commit to become “Official Mekong Tourism Expert” may also engage in being occasional “Guest Content Contributors” by sending us their articles for consideration.

Are you a consultant, subject matter expert, travel & tourism practitioner – writing and publishing trade- or policy-related articles and stories relevant to Mekong Tourism? Then please apply here to become an “Official Mekong Tourism Expert”.Note: If you are a travel and tourism organisation, operating in the Greater Mekong Subregion, please add press<at> to your media list, and we are happy to post relevant press releases on

Stories, Photos and Videos: Professional and hobby photographers may become “Official Mekong Tourism Content Contributors”, with the same benefits as explained above. Photos and videos will be uploaded on the website’s photo and video library, as well as social media such as Flickr and Youtube.

Are you a photographer, videographer, blogger, or writer – writing stories, taking photos and making videos of multi-destination Mekong journeys and cause-related experiences in the region? Then please apply here to become an “Official Mekong Travel Storyteller”.

Library: A new and powerful enhancement on is the e-Libary which serves as a searchable knowledge base and content repository of documents from reports, presentations, training manuals, and more, relevant to Mekong tourism, available for free download. Organisations may submit their documents to [email protected] for consideration.

Multi-Country Journeys: Mekong River cruise and tour operators can submit their multi-country Mekong tour or cruise itineraries in PDF format for inclusion in the Mekong Tourism e-library.  As such, MTCO helps to promote regional travel by offering a resource for anyone looking for Mekong experiences for their customers (or themselves)

Tourism Development Projects: Economic development agencies (both multilateral and bilateral), and non-government organisations (NGOs) who are or have been undertaking tourism-related development projects in the Greater Mekong Subregion are welcome to submit case studies, success stories, scopes of work, terms of reference, or any other material, in PDF format, related to their projects that would be of interest and relevance to travel and tourism stakeholder in the region. Mekong Tourism will collect this valuable information as a content category in its e-library.

Please submit your interesting documents (reports, presentations, publications), multi-country itineraries and tourism development projects, in PDF format, to ton<at>mekongtourism<dot>org.

Events: MTCO invites organizations to submit their events in the GMS including travel trade events from seminars to trade shows as well as consumer events such as cultural festivals and concerts to food fairs and fashion shows. Events will be featured on the homepage for a limited time, and link to the event’s website for more information.

Please see an example at:

Are you an organization,  organizing an event in the Mekong Region? Then please contact us to have it included in our events calendar by sending us the following to ton<at>mekongtourism<dot>org:

– Event Name and indication if consumer or travel trade event
– Date, location, and website link, and contact information
– Event description and 1-3 photos and logo/name of Organizer (if applicable
– Pricing, registration information, and any other important information
Note: we are happy to consider promoting or even endorsing the event if applicable

Ventures & Projects: MTCO is also open to be working with partners where organisations approach MTCO to launch ventures and projects that add value to the industry in the GMS by increasing tourism and building capacity. In return for the partner taking the risk, Mekong Tourism will market the venture on its website and social media.  The partner may generate revenues in order to recoup their investment and build their business.‎

One example was the mobile app for the last Mekong Tourism Forum: and

MTCO is looking forward to receiving relevant proposals from companies with a passion to assist in developing tourism in the Mekong region which in parallel may build their business in one of the fastest growing economic regions in Asia. MTCO especially encourages start-ups from the region to get involved. Please contact us at jens.thraenhart<at>

Mekong Tourism Forum: MTCO shifted the strategy of the annual flagship event, Mekong Tourism Forum ( to become a platform where subject matter experts or organisations may develop seminars, sessions, or entire conferences as part of MTF. An example: MTF 2015 in Da Nang, Viet Nam incorporated the Mekong Tourism Investment Forum produced by Horwath HTL, HVS, and C9, as well as the Mekong Tourism Social Media Boot-Camp produced by DIA, and the Mekong Tourism Marketing Workshop produced by UNWTO, PATA, and ATTA.  ‎

Please contact us if you are interested. More information about Mekong Tourism Forum can be found at:

Mekong Tourism Seminar Series: MTCO invites organizations to host seminars in GMS countries to develop capacity. These seminars may include sustainable tourism, digital marketing, and other topics to add value to the tourism industry in the region. The organization would be responsible for organization of the seminar, and MTCO would market and promote the seminar together with the member NTOs to the industry.

MTCO is looking forward to receiving proposals from companies at:

Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG):  MTCO is looking to assemble a high-level advisory group made up of senior executives in the industry. MTCO is organizing MeTAG meetings where public and private sectors debate issues and opportunities to market the GMS as a single tourism destination, by promoting secondary destinations and multi-country travel. Previous meetings were held in Bangkok to introduce the Draft Tourism Mekong Marketing Strategy 2015-2020 at the PATA Offices, as well as the Mekong Tourism Marketing Workshop during the Mekong Tourism Forum in Da Nang, Viet Nam. The next upcoming MeTAG meeting is planned for mid December 2015 in Vientiane, Lao PDR, in collaboration with MICT Lao PDR and LANITH. The Mekong Tourism Advisory Group is also functioning as the Content Advisory Board for the Mekong Tourism Forum.

Please contact us at jens.thraenhart<at>mekongtourism<dot>org if you are interested in joining the MeTAG as an active and contributing member.

Destination Mekong Directory: We are collaborating with various organizations to develop a directory to list travel related businesses in the Greater Mekong Region – China (Yunnan and Guangxi), Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. Basic listings will be free, and businesses will be searchable by via various categories. This project is in development.

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