9 reasons why Yangon should be on the top of your bucket list

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Myanmar may have had its share of troubles in the past but the country is picking itself up in recent years, opening up to globalisation and overseas business opportunities. As the largest city and the former capital of Myanmar, Yangon is anything but lackluster.

Yangon’s tourism industry today has flourished by leaps and bounds due to gradual developments and what intrigues people to this charming city is its ability to retain most of its cultural authenticity.

So for those who are thinking of exploring Myanmar for its rich culture, here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yangon.


A large part of Yangon is made up of well-preserved old British colonial buildings and they form an important part of they city’s history. While the buildings may have lost their former glory, many now serve as beautiful vintage backdrops for travelers to take photographs.

There is also a national heritage law that protects any building that is over a century old. Some of the colonial style buildings you can find there are the Yangon City Hall, High Court Building and Sofaer’s Building.


To gain a better understanding of how locals go about their everyday lives, visit the local markets. It is a bustling place with peddlers selling fresh produce of all kinds, spices of different varieties and even clothing.

One of the most well known markets in Yangon is Bogyoke Market. What used to be a black market where people exchange currency has turned into a huge bazaar offering jewelry, souvenirs and food.


You only get to really know a place after trying their local food. Grab a seat and squeeze in with the locals at any of their roadside stalls for an authentic experience.

Interesting Burmese food to try are the e kya kway (deep-fried breadsticks), koh può (glutinous rice cakes grilled over charcoal), samosa salad, mont lin ma yar (quail egg snack) and various types of curry.


Yangon is home to some of the oldest standing pagodas in Myanmar and it would be a shame to miss them out on your itinerary. With its many years of history (believed to date as far back as 2500 years ago), most of them have undergone renovation works.

The more famous pagodas in Yangon are Shwedagon, Botataung and Sule.

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