2 days trip in Halong Bay, Viet Nam

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vlc-8-von-8Once in a while I just needed to get away from the big city life, the noisy and crowded places in Hanoi – that`s why I have decided to make a trip to have some relaxing time for myself. Of course, Halong Bay was the first choice as I have heard a lot about it and its obviously a Must-Do on every Vietnam travel list –  I knew I had to visit Halong Bay!


While doing my researches I was loaded with tons of information (e.g. cruises with one/two/three night options, party stay on Castaways, how to visit Halong Bay without a tour company, etc). In the end I have decided for a one night/two days option on a cruise as it seemed to me as the most convenient way to enjoy the Halong Bay.

To everybody who want to visit the Halong Bay on a cruise, I recommend this page where you can compare different tour operators and their prices and offers. I booked my trip with Halong Phoenix Cruiser, a Single room (with a double bed), breakfast, lunch and dinner including some activities (Kayaking, Visiting the Surprising Cave, cooking lesson). If you have the chance to do kayaking along the Bay, go for it! You will enjoy another peaceful and stunning view, you can paddle through a cave and maybe you will discover some monkeys on the limestone rocks.

vlc-2-von-8Halong Bay is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I ever have been. It`s such a magical, peaceful and mystic place. Thousands of giant limestone islands fill the bay and give a unique view of one of the worlds most incredible sites. Even if it`s misty, it gives off the feeling of a haunted Park. It’s impossible for me to explain my experience at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage in words, so I`m going to let the photos do the talking.

And so as quickly as it had arrived, it was time for me to leave the bay and head back to reality to Hanoi. I feel lucky to have experienced Halong Bay at its best and will definitively visit the Halong Bay again as soon as I will be back in Vietnam. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering visiting Vietnam!








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