Passion + Purpose = Prosperity: Pollock to Keynote MTF 2017

Travel & tourism industry “visionary” Anna Pollock will keynote Mekong Tourism Forum 2017 (MTF 2017) “Prosper with Purpose”. Ms Pollock has undertaken seminal work in many aspects of tourism and is currently addressing ways of mitigating the negative impacts of “over-tourism”; looking at models of destination development that “generate higher yields with less impact”. These […]

Is the Sun Setting on Bagan Temple Climbing?

Myanmar authorities are mulling a ban on climbing Bagan’s temples in order to protect them, reports Frontier Myanmar, but experts warn that such a move could have a negative impact on the country’s growing tourism industry. The government has said it is considering banning visitors from climbing the pagodas at the end of this year’s […]

Is Mass Tourism Damaging Thailand’s Phi Phi Paradise?

For years, the number of tourists visiting Thailand has been climbing steadily. In 2017, some 10 million visitors from China alone are expected in the country. Locals on Ko Phi Phi Le are complaining about the environmental impact. View video at Deutsche Welle.

Koldowski: Asia Tourism Focus should Shift to Sustainability

Asia’s tourism industry is booming, buoyed by rising incomes, low-cost air transport, and China’s growing outbound market. But analysts say the rapid expansion is also putting pressure on infrastructure and destinations amid calls to boost spending and better manage tourism ‘flows’ to ensure long term sustainability. John Koldowski, a travel industry analyst and lecturer at […]

Tourism Puts Mekong River Dolphins at Risk?

Recent research suggests that while dolphin and whale tourism in Southeast Asia can be great for communities, it can also come at a cost to the environment, reports The Conversation. Dolphin- and whale-watching tourism is a booming industry worldwide, and it’s growing apace in developing parts of Asia. Many tourists flock to see spinner dolphins […]

Should Elephant Riding be off the Tourism Menu?

Tourists from Europe and western countries often had a good grasp of animal welfare issues and were careful about which businesses they supported, World Animal Protection (WAP) Thailand’s Somsak Soonthornnawaphat told Laura Walters of stuff. However, Thailand was increasingly becoming a destination for domestic tourists and visitors from China and India, where there is less […]

Cambodia Pursues Clean, Green Tourism

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on the country’s hospitality sector to increase the use of locally-grown produce at tourist destinations to improve rural economies. Emphasising the country’s green tourism policy, the PM told local media that “clean” and “green” were trends that needed to be adopted for the benefit of the economy and […]

“Green Tourism” Trending in Vietnam

“Green tourism” is becoming a buzz-phrase in numerous cities and among many travel companies in Vietnam, reports VietnamNet Bridge, however there is a deficit of product development and marketing know-how in the country. Experts have noted that Vietnam holds great potential for green tourism, particularly due to the country’s variety of natural ecosystems including coral, […]

Yunnan Vice-Governor Victim of Dodgy Tourism Practices

Before Spring Festival, Chen Shun (pictured), vice-governor of China’s Yunnan province, launched a personal, off-the-record inspection of the province’s tourism industry. He was reportedly shocked by what he found. The Chinese-language website commented: Home to abundant tourism resources, Yunnan province, as Chen discovered during his private tour, has some undesirable practices in its tourism […]

The Woman Who Weaved a Thai Community Together

Villagers of Ban Na Ton Chan community in Sukhothai’s Si Satchanalai district describe Sangiam Sawaenglap as kind, caring and diligent. She is the force behind the success of her village, regarded as a role model for community-based tourism in Thailand as well as an ecotourism destination. More than 30 years ago, Sangiam was a typical […]