Tackling Child Sexploitation One Call at a Time in Cambodia

Cambodia is still struggling to curb its problem of child labour, according to Asian Correspondent. While the situation has improved with the implementation of child protection legislation, there remain problem industries where children are employed in conditions that the International Labour Organization describes as the “worst forms of child labour”; agriculture, salt production, domestic work, […]

Tourism for All: Thai Designs on Development

For a decade, Assoc Prof Trirat Jarutach has evaluated facilities for people with disabilities in tourist attractions across Thailand. The head of the Universal Design Research Unit of Chulalongkorn University found that only a handful of places can serve as role models for universal-design architecture. “Universal design can benefit everyone, not only people with disabilities. […]

Locals Slam Mekong River Blasting Plans

Bangkok Post reports that the Thai government’s goal to clear the Mekong River’s islets and rapids to ensure the smooth passage of 500-tonne cargo vessels has alarmed those who fear the ecology in the area will be put at risk. China is pushing to use the river to ship goods from its southern province of […]

New Mekong River Initiative to Highlight Biodiversity, Ecosystems

With 60 million people depending on its aquatic resources for food and livelihoods, the lower Mekong River Basin is threatened, according to Nevada Today. To conserve the Mekong and help support the communities who live beside it, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has just awarded a grant for a five-year initiative that […]

Luang Prabang Wages Battle of the Pigs

Proudly contributed by Bernie Rosenbloom

Luang Prabang’s hotels and restaurants hold “The Battle of the Pigs” to raise funds for families making their livings at the dump. Troy Matusow frequently visits the Luang Prabang dump. The man behind Asia One Resort Supply knows the people who live amid piles of plastic under tarps. He’s watched them eke out a living […]

Volunteers Sought for Myanmar Responsible Tourism

The Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI) is seeking volunteers. MRTI describes itself as a local non-profit organisation aiming to support responsible tourism development in Myanmar through knowledge sharing, training, and research. “We envision Myanmar as a quality responsible tourism destination, which empowers local communities, strives for livelihood creation and respects environmental sustainability. We see the […]

Making Thailand a Safe Haven for Children

“Child slavery, especially in the form of child sex tourism, is a slowly unfolding disaster,” write Matt Friedman and Peerasit Kamnuansilpa for the Bangkok Post. “Thailand’s resort town of Pattaya has more expat paedophiles than anywhere in the world, both abusing children and producing pornography. Unfortunately, various efforts made to combat sexual exploitation of children […]

Mahout Education Key to Ethical Elephant Tourism

Elephant husbandry in Southeast Asia is a contentious topic, according to The Star. Asian elephants play a part in ceremonial and religious traditions, and mahout (caretaker) culture demands certain families own elephants. Due to a decline in trade, elephants and their mahouts are now competing for fewer jobs, often for longer hours, and at lower […]

Mekong River: Dolphins or Dam?

“When I was born, my grandparents told me, ‘The dolphins are special. If you see them, you will get good luck. If you capsize your boat, the dolphins will save you. You can trust them.’” The young man in his 20s is standing on the bank of the Mekong River in a section that a […]

Access for All in Thailand?

The Thai government plans to address the Kingdom’s “woefully inadequate” accessible infrastructure, but whether it will make a real difference for locals and tourists alike is debatable, opines the Bangkok Post. Visitors have returned in their droves to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha after it was temporarily closed for two weeks following the passing […]